Hi! My name is Whitney.

I'm here to support and encourage overloaded, overworked, exhausted, uninspired business owners and managers - like you! (Just keeping it real...)

I get it. Showing up each day inevitably means being met with a to-do list a mile long, questions galore from your team and your customers, at least one fire to put out, and a stack of tasks that simply cannot wait.

Rewind with me... Didn't you start your business to create something unique to you, something you're passionate about? To work in a profession that you enjoy? To bring your interests and talents to the world? To be happy in both life and business?

Are you nodding yet? As a business owner or manager, you juggle all the balls. Sure, you might have a team who helps keep one or two in the air but when you strip away the fluff, you're the one juggling.

If you relate to any of that, go ahead and contact me today. We'd make a great team.


my professional passions ARE:

I've spent most of my adult life working in service-based roles. I started out as a waitress at my small hometown's favorite diner where I developed my passion for heartfelt service with a smile. My next gig was at an insurance company which was borrrrring (for me - the chipper, social, service-y girl) but helped me witness and understand a corporate environment. From there, I accepted a management position at a local non-profit where I managed member services and a team of up to 13 for almost 5 years.

Next up on the timeline, my husband and I welcomed our son and I was fortunate to be able to spend 6 months at home with our baby boy.

This new mama enjoyed being a stay-at-home-mom but it didn't take long for me to realize I needed to get back in the game. I was hired by a local jewelry store to manage their social media and marketing and from there I transitioned to inventory and systems manager and sales specialist.

i enjoyed my jobs but none were fully aligned with my passion.

I'm grateful for each of my roles because they gave me the knowledge and experience needed to understand how I can serve the world with my unique strengths and talents.


These days, I coach and motivate small business owners and managers like you.

I help you peel back layers to re-discover the essence of your business. I help you remember your why and shift the focus of your business back to your why. I work with you to establish your company's core values and mission. I serve as your accountability buddy; making sure you stay on track and recognize your progress. We collaborate on creative ideas that attract your ideal clients. We work together to create the best systems and processes for your business based on your unique needs that will ultimately free you of many of your stresses.

i believe in Honesty, simplicity, intention, and making each action count.

I believe that you can show up truly happy and excited, without any dread.

Sometimes, you just need a little support to get there. And, trust me, it's worth it.

Your business is worth it. Your sanity is worth it. YOU are worth it.

Professional Bio:

Whitney Lang is a life and business coach. She serves individuals seeking simplicity, intentional focus, and personal and/or professional development.

After 15+ years working in customer service roles, Whitney realized some of her biggest strengths: sincere service, teaching, management, and branding. She set out to create a company to support small businesses in the areas of sales, organization, branding, marketing, and efficiency. In the winter of 2016, River Flow Consulting was established.

Whitney started her career in customer service as a teenager waiting tables at her small home town's favorite diner. (Lee's, for you local folks!) She spent two years working in policy processing and underwriting for an insurance company and quickly understood that in order to thrive, she simply must work with the people. She was hired to manage memberships at the local YMCA where she served her members, community, and staff through her leadership. Five years later, she and her husband welcomed a baby boy. After taking off 6 months to stay home to care for her son, Whitney was hired by a local mom and pop retail store to manage social media, marketing, sales, events, and inventory control.

Through her company, River Flow Co., Whitney works with business owners and managers through 1:1 coaching as well as individuals; specifically women and mothers, through her program, Mindful Momming, and private life coaching.


Experience + Skills:

Customer Service. Marketing. Advertising. Creative Direction. Website Design. Inventory Management. Scheduling. Event Planning. Social Media. Branding. Graphic Design. Sales. Copywriting. Staff Training. Staff Management. Email Marketing. Project Management. Advertisement Design. Time Management. Community Outreach. Non-Profit Organization. Brand Design. Public Relations. Volunteer Management. Staff Development. SquareSpace. Microsoft Office. Podcasting.