Mondays don't have to be miserable.


Work days don't have to be icky. You don't have to dread them.

What if I told you that it's possible to turn the key on Monday morning and actually feel
excited about the day ahead? Shocking, I know, but it can be your reality.

How would it feel to show up knowing that your systems are in place
and all you need to do is what you do best: create.

... After four years of doing it on my own, she took me to where I needed to be. Would I hire her to do another project? I would and I will. Her solution-minded approach and competitive pricing make her a cut-above the rest.
— Joni Dowling, Owner, Attitude Boutique
Whitney is a website whiz. I absolutely love working with her.
She is clear, proactive and a creative thinker that does a fantastic job.
— Carrie Montgomery, Personal Brand Stylist

It doesn't have to be complicated. Really.


Ever feel like you can't focus on anything because you're too focused on how many things you have to focus on? Yeah... That. That's not how it should be.

I believe that when you're focused on what matters most, and your actions and daily intentions are aligned with that focus, your business shifts into a state of balance and flow.

There are three ways I serve small business owners and managers like you:
coaching + collaboration, website design, and à la carte service packages.

I invite you to learn more below and reach out for a free 30-minute discovery consultation.



Coaching + Collaboration

simplify and expand

Your to-do list is a mile long, the stack of papers on your desk is getting taller and taller, and all you really want to do is sink down into your chair and hide. Am I right?

It's time to nix that stressful lifestyle and create a new reality. I work with small business owners and managers to simplify, focus, and take inspired action that will ultimately build their business.


Website Design

affordable and functional

Let's face it... If you're not present on the World Wide Web, you'll most likely be overlooked. First impressions matter, yes, but these days first impressions will make you or break you.

Don't let people click right past you just because your website isn't up to par. Let's work together to make sure yours is attractive, informative, and mobile friendly!

Whitney is such a delight to work with! She has a gift of guiding you towards your goals and ideas and helping you stay on track of what your true desires are for you business. Whitney is very knowledgeable about the launch process and has some killer ideas of how and where to begin. She puts ideas and the process in simple manageable terms. I never felt overwhelmed when speaking with her. In fact, she has a very calming presence and that allowed me to open up about the passion behind my business. Thank you for all the work and service you are putting out in to the world!
— Leah Moore, Owner, Thrive Plant-Based Cleaning

Ready to take inspired action but not sure how?


Let's keep this simple and start with a free 30 minute discovery call.


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